Anxiety: The Monster Within Us

You’re driving down the highway headed home after work. Music is playing in the background but you can barely hear it—sounds fade to distant noise, as you slowly get lost in thought.

Suddenly you look over, and before you can stop or turn or swerve, a car is slamming into you and you go flying off the road, spinning and flipping and banging up against the concrete median. Next thing you know you’re in a hospital room. People surround you with flowers and cards a

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Hi My Name is Tiffany, and I'm a Recovering Feminist

I used to be a feminist. It all started in college, where I saw how many girls were only there for the coveted MRS degree. I could clearly see how they were all attempting to find their worth in who they might marry instead of in who they might become.

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Several weeks ago, the news and social media broke out with articles about a catastrophic situation in Aleppo, Syria. Everyone was talking about the tragedies and the brutality.  At the risk of exposing my own ignorance, I will admit that I turned my eyes from the horrors in the news.

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My Netflix Had No Chill

Let me tell you a story: 

A girl comes home after a long day. She sets her things down, throws her hair up, and changes into comfy clothes in record time. Breathing a deep sigh of relief from taking off that chest cage called bra and changing out of those feet shackles called heels, she grabs her laptop and flips it open. The screen illuminates, showing the last webpage she visited: Netflix. 

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An Expert at Heartbreak

My journey to find faith began with the story of when I thought I lost love. The heartbreak I endured ultimately led me closer to God than I’ve ever been before, and more than anything that experience molded my faith. I chose to follow Christ when I learned that only He can give me what my heart so deeply longs for; when men have time and again let me down and broken my heart, Jesus holds it like a treasure.

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Houston, We Have A Problem

Part One

Everybody has a personal hell. You know… that thing or place that drives them crazy, that person or group of people that makes them go mad—we all have it. For some, it’s going to the dentist or talking politics with the uninformed. Maybe it’s family reunions or being stuck in traffic that for others can cause deep misery beyond thinkable limits. Some are able to handle their personal hell with perhaps more grace than others, and some people seemingly can't cope at all.

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So much happens in the course of a year. So much changes, so much grows. Much is molded, much falls off. It's beautiful and it's messy and sometimes you don't want to look, or you can't help but look back. It's an important part of life; that of reflection. Reflection helps us recognize changes that occurred and changes that need to still take place. It allows us to make the humbling statement: "Look what the Lord has done!" 

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